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Associate Members:

"TJ" Adams
Denham Springs, LA

Roger Amedee
Pride, LA

Ben Allen - President
Delta Electric Company, Inc.

Patrick Allen
West Side Racing Team - Port Allen, LA

"Big Joe" Augustus

Darrell W. Augustus
1966 Chevy Chevelle

Darrell W. Augustus, Jr.

George Augustus

Robert (Duck) Augustus
Monster Garage (Duck56)

Roland C Brailey
Abbeville, LA

Glenn Clues
Opelousas, LA

Charles Coleman
Baton Rouge, LA

Marvin (Sam) Dautrive
Baton Rouge, LA

Ned Davis
Davis Racing
Norwood, LA

Charles Edwards
Young Blood Racing

Arnold Jordon Driver
Baton Rouge, LA

Willie J. Ferchaud III
Donaldsonville, LA

Ronnie "FoFo" Foret
Lafayette, LA

Kevin "Outlaw" Gray
Plaquimine, LA

Sam Harrison
Taking care of your Automotive & Race Car needs at Bob Walls Automotive

Don "Mo-Jo" Haynes
West Side Racing Team - Port Allen, LA

Skip Holbert
Mr Skip Racing.com
Baton Rouge, LA

Ed Hornor
Lafayette, LA

Ronald "Tokoco" Jackson
Dog Pound Racing Team
Baton Rouge, LA

Lawrence James

Arnold Jordon
Air Hogg Racing Team

Baton Rouge, LA

Jessie F. Joseph, Jr.
Baton Rouge, LA
1998 Camaro Z28

Bubba Keen
Vicksburg, Miss.

L&B Racing

Curtis "Jim" Lee,Jr.
Belle Rose, LA

James M. Lee, Jr
Baton Rouge, LA

Tim Logan - CEO
Tim Logan Racing
Alexandria, LA 71301

Joseph Earl London
Baton Rouge, LA

Ellis Ray Martin
"The Hit Man"
Summit, M

Jonathan W. Matthew
Abbeville, LA

Toriona Je'Cole O'Conner
Go Dumb Racing Club
Jr. Dragster

(Fast Girls Article)

Cody Pollage
Plaquimine, LA

Rev. Bernell "Bomb" Robinson - Chaplin/Top Driver/NOS Trigger Man Baton Rouge, LA

Silas Rogers
Baton Rouge, LA

Saizon Racing Team
John "Pa" Saizon &
Shawn Saizon
New Roads, LA

Ron "Mr Sams"  Lafayette,LA

Gerald M. Smith
Clinton, LA

Kelly Smith-
Chevy S10 1994 SBC Race Truck

Steven L Smith 
War Horse Racing
 Baton Rouge, LA

Cecil Rushing
1980 Malibu
Denham Springs, LA

Shannun T. Walker
Shannun T. Walker Racing
Lafayette, LA
S/G SST Divisional & National Racer

Mark Washington
BarsMark Racing
Denham Springs, LA

Robert "Shorty" Washington
Liberty, MS
1982 Ford Courier Truck

Jerry J Williams,
Bad Boy Racing Team, Baton Rouge, LA

Glen F. Young
Young Motorsports
Opelousas, LA





Come by our Race Shop at 6054 Greenwell Springs Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806



Participating Businesses

"Let's Support These Fine Businesses. They Support Us. Show Them Your ID Card".

Advance Auto Parts
Acct# 1872574956

Area Wholesale Tire Company

BR Signs & Graphics

Bob Walls Automotive

Cajun Shine All

CarQuest Auto Parts
(Only Company Stores)
Acct# 306101

Cody Pollage

Elite Transportation Services, INC.

Engine Parts
Acct# 482021

Glenn's Automotive"No Job Too Big Or Too Small"

Holbert Enterprises
Mr Skip Web Design
Carburetor Repair

Joe Louis' Car Care, LLC

Nolen's Notary Service, L.L.C.

O'Reilly Auto Parts
Acct# 1576782

Pro-Fab (Sonny)

Silk Screen Shop

Wizard Racing


Safety Tips by Jason Wood of Wizard Racing

It's about that time again, the race season is around the corner.  As the new race season grows closer, we start our preparation and develop our new strategies or game plan to take on the New Year. Many of you have routine rituals at years end and seasons beginning. The key to any successful team whether it is football, basketball, and yes, even drag racing, is preparation. Here's a list of just a few key pointers that every racer and / or team should look at.

  • If you store your car over the winter with anti-freeze, make sure you drain it and replace it with a non-glycol based fluid or water. This not only is a rule for most sanctioning bodies and tracks, but also is a major nuisance to anyone behind you in the staging lanes who just watched you douse the racetrack with anti-freeze. Anti-freeze, for those in question, does not evaporate and cannot be cleaned up with oil based solvents like lacquer thinner and causes a major cleanup problem for the tracks.
  • Another very cost effective safety component that many racers tend to want to overlook is a diaper. Diapers are more than worth the expense. A non-SFI diaper is usually around $150.00, which is pennies in comparison to what oil under the slicks of a 100+ MPH race car can cost. Some tracks even offer additional win money to those winners who have a diaper.
  • Check your safety equipment. Check for outdated, or worst yet, frayed seatbelts, torn fire suits, cracked helmets, the list goes on.

We all are in the same boat when it goes to wanting to spend money on these items because it doesn't make us go fast. While sliding upside down on your roof, on fire, I assure you, you won't be thinking about how much ET you shaved with that new carburetor.

I'll leave you with another we tend to not worry about 'til it’s too late, stopping. Most racers bleed the brakes the day they were new and never think about them again. Brake fluid over time absorbs moisture which eventually leads to brake fade, and in really bad conditions, boiling which can cause lock-ups. Check the condition of your fluid. Once again for the small amount that brake fluid costs, it doesn't hurt to replace it every other year depending on the storage conditions and amount of driving done with the car.

For you guys who were forced to put that decorative bag on the back of your racecar, Use it occasionally. Most racers buy a parachute because some sanctioning body says you must have one. Before the season starts, take it out of the bag and open it up. Parachutes are not as hard to pack as people make them out to be. Sprinkle a little baby powder in them as this prevents the material from sticking to its self while being crammed in the pack for long periods of time.

That's all I've got for now. Hope everyone has a safe and successful season.

Jason Wood

WIZARD Racecars                     jason.wood@wizardracecars.com
28493 James Chapel Rd. N.
Holden, LA 70744
(225)209-DRAG (3724)             www.wizardracecars.com


Glen Oaks High Reinstates Auto Technology Program           

Drag Race CoOp visited Glen Oaks High School (GOHS) Auto Tech. Program - Nov. 11-12, 2014 to show community support for the new program.

This was a joint venture between Bracket Masters Racing Team, Baton Rouge SMART and Drag Race Co-Op, LTD.

The working agreement was confirmed after a visit with the new instructor of the Glen Oaks High School Auto Technology Program, Mr. Benjamin Baker. The three groups agreed to work with the program to get community support and to work with Mr. Baker as advisors and mentors for the students. Mr. Baker currently has 16 students in three beginning Auto Tech classes.

The first effort was to put on a small car show, two race cars and Mr. Willie asked Mr. Ray O'Conner to bring his three Jr. Dragsters, along with their drivers and crew, also supported by Ms. Crystal, for the students of the Auto Tech classes.

Students from the Welding Program were invited to attend. The Welding Program is part of a three Technology Program being presented at GOHS. The third program is a Medical Technology Program.

The first meeting, on November 11, 2014, consisted of Mr. Warren Birkett, President of Baton Rouge SMART Program, Mr. Willie Beathley of Drag Race C0-Op, LTD. Mr. Skip Holbert and Mr. Tarrus Jones, President of Bracket Masters Racing Team and Mr. Benjamin Baker, Instructor, GOHS Auto Tech Program.

Mr Willie;s El Camino1 Mr Willie El Camino 7 Randy 2 Randy 1

Mr. Willie's
El Camino's

Mr. Willie & Jeremy
at Mardi Gras Nitro Jam

 Randy's Wagon
 Video Randy Testing

Video: Randy @ SCR 5-4-13

Photos: Randy

Ricky's S-10 Side Ricky's Side Mr Willie Camaro 1 Mr Willie Camaro 2

 Ricky's S-10 Pick-up

Ricky Collins at Da Invasion of Louisiana
You Tube Video

Photos: Ricky


Jeremy Beathley's Camaro PHOTOS: Jeremy's Camaro



 Vaughns Racing  Geoffrey's Camaro

Geoffrey Vaughns
Vaughns Racing
Baton Rouge, LA



Racing Websites:

No Problem Raceway - Belle Rose, LA

State Capitol Raceway - Erwinville, LA

Gulfport Dragway - Gulfport, MS

Royal Purple Raceway - Houston, TX

Hub City Dragway- Harrisburg, MS

Thunder Road Raceway (formally Red River Raceway, Gilliam, LA)
Thunder Road on Facebook - Thunder Road Website is under construction)

Twin Cities Motorsports Park - Monroe, LA

To Our Drag Racing Friends,

Drag Race Co-Op Limited. is a growing number of individuals and drag race teams, working together to find ways to fulfill our drag racing goals. We have four (4) principal teams, Mr. Willie's, Vaughans Racing, Islandboy and Ricky Collins' Racing Teams.

We would love to have you join our Co-Op as an associate member or team. There is a $30.00 annual membership fee, after Feb. 15, 2014. You can also put your own page on  the fastest growing web site in America for $150.00.

We are working on a long list of shops, companies and programs that will give discounts to our members. Come get on the ground floor of Drag Race Co-Op Limited. There is strength in numbers.

Call or e-mail if you are interested:Willie Beathley Jr. (Mr Willie) (225-921-6628, dragracecoopbr@gmail.com and you can also Facebook me.

Send Mail to:  Drag Race Co-Op Limited,
6249 St Pius Ave, Baton Rouge, LA.,


























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